YES! This is a great way to bring your team together, collaborate, and have fun at the same time!  It’s highly interactive and engaging to help ensure that everyone stays involved.

Audience members are called upon by name to make choices that help determine the outcome of the show.

Harris’ special brand of humor puts your team at ease, builds trust, and ensures they will all build connections and creativity like never before.

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Surprising your entire team with a Virtual Comedy Magic Show is an incredible way to engage, excite, and end the boredom of remote meetings. 

Every performance is a super fun experience where many of your team members will become part of the show. With a good mix of comedy, amazement, and just good clean fun, your people will have an experience to remember.

Humor also helps people become more creative, boosts morale, and increases productivity. 

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No matter what kind of virtual party you’re having, your people still need to have a great time. 

Comedy gets them laughing, and magic blows their minds! Your guests will put aside reality for a little while and get to  just enjoy the moment.

Whether you’re having a birthday party, holiday party,  or giving out awards … putting on an interactive comedy magic show is the perfect way to make it more than just a boring old ‘online get together’.

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Thanks so much Harris for the show! Great tricks!
Rebecca Aggarwal
Amazon, R.S.P. Europe



Harris will entertain your team & keep them engaged with his special blend of comedy and magic. Yeah, sure, he can be cheesy sometimes, but your team will be fully engaged as they’re called by name, perform magic themselves, and laugh so hard that they’ll be thankful that they’re working from home. You’ve got to experience it to NOT believe it! Each show is fun, funny, and highly interactive. Guaranteed.


With years of stand up & improv comedy experience, Harris knows how to turn any crowd into an ecstatic one! Virtual shows are great for audiences from 25 to 250. Harris will cater his show to your company’s needs with audience involvement, product incorporation, or industry-specific humor at your request. (I feel that symmetry is a very important facet of a website. So, that’s why I added this line.)


Comedian. Magician. Entrepreneur.

Harris Fellman has been performing different forms of comedy for over 30 years now…

Harris Fellman has been performing different forms of comedy for over 30 years now. From a handful of feature films & TV commercials to sketch comedy, improv, and most recently stand-up… Harris is well-trained in the not-so-fine art of humor.

During that time, Harris also started many successful online businesses as well. Often incorporating comedy & a variety of memorable characters into the marketing and advertising of his ventures. You read that right: Harris sacrificed his artistic integrity for commercial gain in his own companies — and he’ll do the same for you!

Harris has always loved to make people laugh since the day he spit out his baby food and his mommy giggled. That’s right, he’s been funny since birth – and bald, too! This is exactly why he goes by the nickname “Funny Bald Guy” both professionally and when he plays multi-player video games with his son!


Everyone had a lot of fun and laughs. Harris the Funny Bald guy was very entertaining and generous with his time. We especially liked how he involved so many people from our group who were connected from remote locations. I would definitely recommend this performer to others.
Beth Seiler
Beth Seiler
December 28, 2020.
Harris put on a fun and engaging show for our company's holiday party. It was a great surprise for all of our employees, and we loved how he brought in so many different teammates, and even a few of their kids, into the show. This was the perfect way to spice up our Zoom party and end 2020 on a high note!
Ashley Shadowens
Ashley Shadowens
December 23, 2020.
Harris performed at our very different virtual holiday party... nothing but good reviews. We'd recommend him for sure.
December 22, 2020.
When we decided to make our company holiday party virtual, we had a lot of options for virtual magicians/comedians. Why did I pick Harris? He was personable and responsive and was very interested in personalizing our experience for our audience. He definitely delivered! Everyone was delighted and even my husband - who rarely laughs - was laughing so hard he was crying. I accidentally sent him the wrong Zoom link at the last minute and he went with the flow and the show still went on. I appreciated his flexibility! I highly recommend Harris!
Amy Miles
Amy Miles
December 22, 2020.
Harris provided entertainment for our recent corporate virtual holiday party. He was great! He had everyone laughing and interacting with his magic and comedy. It was a great addition to our first holiday party on a virtual platform. Thanks again Harris!
Courtney M
Courtney M
December 22, 2020.
Hired for a digital company event, Harris made a great performance that all the groups appreciated. Thank you for this nice moment!
Guillaume Duffaud
Guillaume Duffaud
December 14, 2020.
Harris gave a magic comedy performance for a virtual social event I planned for my team. The show was well planned and we all had a good laugh. He made sure to include everyone in the team, and gave a good introduction to how to interact on zoom. The format on zoom works great in times where it is difficult to gather people face to face. While planning the show he was both super responsive and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to plan a different kind of social virtual event.
Nadia Derbali
Nadia Derbali
December 10, 2020.

Harris has performed for these
COMPANIES and more...


What is a virtual magic show?

It’s really a perfect blend of up-close interaction matched with group entertainment. Your guests will watch from the comfort of their homes or offices, while I make them laugh,  read their minds, and amaze them with mind bending magic that happens in their hands. 

How many people can join the show?

As many as you’d like! Virtual magic shows are good for a handful of people up to a few hundred. The most important aspect is to keep a high-level of interaction and audience engagement and this is my absolute speciality.

Who are Harris' shows for?

I can’t say it any better than one of my recent clients.

“If you like Cheesy Goodness, Harris is the guy.”, Mike Filsaime, CEO.

It’s true, I’m a little bit cheesy. This also means that I don’t have any humor that will go over anyone’s head – nor do I have any humor that’s political or offensive in any way.

Is this only for Zoom?

Most of my virtual magic shows are hosted on Zoom, but I can perform on any platform—like Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Hangouts, Meet, or Teams. Your show can either be hosted on my Zoom account or your company’s.

What languages do you perform in?

I’m from the USA originally and primarily perform in English. I’m happy to incorporate a bit of Spanish into the show upon request. 

Do you perform "in person" at live events?

YES – what are you doing on this page? 
Please visit FunnyBaldGuy.me/LIVE for info

What is the best time of day for a show?

If you’re hosting your virtual magic show as part of the work week, a good time can be happy hour; if you’re looking to entertain your clients or invite families, then early evening is recommended; and a virtual magic show is to be part of a professional conference, I’d recommend just before lunch.

Do you focus on kids, adults or both?
Harris primarily performs for ‘adult only’ events. His shows can be as clean as you want them to be. If there are some kids in the audience, Harris loves ’em and will make sure they have a good time, as well (especially if he expects them to attend.)
What's up with the llama?

Harris sometimes performs with the world’s only mind-reading llama, Barack O’Llama. Don’t worry, they are both 100% hypo-allergenic, friendly, and not harmed in any way during trainings or performance.

What's your cancellation policy?

My standard cancellation policy is up to and no less than 72 hours AFTER performance agreement is approved and deposit has been paid. Any cancellation AFTER 72 hours will result in forfeiture of deposit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Now, THAT is the question I like to hear! I can accept Visa, MC, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Bags of Gold Coins.

Thank you SO Much. I was talking to my team in our Monday morning meeting and they all loved it. 🙂


Please allow up to 24 hours for a personal reply from Harris. Thank you!



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