AKA Funny Bald Guy

A Cheeky Comedian With A Few Tricks Up His Sleeve

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Harris’ special brand of humour puts even the toughest clients at ease, builds trust, and ensures they will remember your event. And when they remember your event, they remember and trust you, too! (Don’t worry, not in an embarrassing way.)



Laughter is a proven stress killer and does an incredible job of humanizing everyone involved in the experience. Whether you’re giving out awards, bonuses, or just accolades… be sure to get a little* funny bald guy in the mix. (*Harris is only 163 cm tall)



“Ha + Ha = Aha!” Humour helps people become more creative, boosts morale, and increases productivity. Gee, now that we think about it, you should have Harris stop by the office on a weekly basis. Signing bonus is optional.

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aka Funny Bald Guy


A cheeky comedian with some tricks up his sleeve.

Harris Fellman is a hilarious Comedy Magician based in the UK and performing across Europe. Harris has created a unique blend of comedy and magic sure to get everyone laughing and having fun… He is well skilled at performing for international audiences and able to perform in any venue or situation. From a small dinner party to your company’s event with 100’s of staff in attendance. With Harris’ unique blend of visual comedy and impossible magic, he’s sure to get everyone laughing and having fun!

Whether you hire Harris to perform at your company’s next gala event, have him walk around at a cocktail hour, or have him create a totally bespoke show just for your company… you’re sure to have a great time that people will be talking about for weeks to come!






Harris has performed for these companies and more…


Sean Hughes Head of Design Consulting, Phillips

I have been meaning to thank you for bringing Harris to our meeting. What a great guy and a very nice start to our week.

Stacy M OneCowork

THANK YOU!! It was great to meet you and everyone really had a great time – you're a true entertainer 🙂

Magda Makers of Barcelona

Thanks a lot for coming on Friday. It was a great party and we got great feedback. There was even a magician among the community that sais you're really good!

Genevieve F. ASB Spring Party Coordinator

Everyone loved your magic at the Spring Party. We hope to have you back next year!

Maria Medina CSI Leasing

On behalf of my management team we wanted to thank you for yesterday’s show. We really enjoyed it and made us enjoy and get distracted from our duties for a while.

Michael Cinicollo Impact Communication Concepts

The show is entertaining, funny and the tricks are surprisingly good.

Mark Anastasi The Laptop Millionaire

You were great! Fantastic show!

Patrick Coffey LOPSolutions.com

Thank you for the show. We all had a great time. It was a fun and interactive performance. Well worth it and great for team morale.

Kristen Belager Blackbaud

Thank you for joining us today, the team had a blast!

Arnaldo Rodriguez President, CSI Leasing

Hey Harris, very nice job, our team enjoyed your show, congratulations!!!!!

Francisco Martinez Novartis

The team(s) loved it. You did a great job accommodating the cultural differences. Well done!

Laura Hargreaves xco2

Harris kick started our event and managed to get us all laughing and into the party vibe. We have a large team and Harris managed to make everyone feel included. Harris was a pleasure to deal with and accommodated us at short notice. I would highly recommend Harris!


Funny Bald Guy FAQs

I am based in the UK, performing across Europe. 

I’m like a comedic chameleon, I specialize in a wide range of corporate events, including conferences, seminars, team-building retreats, award ceremonies, product launches, and holiday parties. Whether it’s a high-energy sales kickoff, a buttoned-up annual meeting, or a “we’ve hit all our targets” celebration, I’ve got the humour to match. From boardrooms to break rooms, I’ve got your corporate laughter covered!

I’m from the USA originally and primarily perform in English. 

It’s usually best to have the venue provide the audio, but I can provide this as well upon request.

For the stand-up show, I prefer at least 10’x10′ (3.5m). If your location does not allow for this, just let me know so I can prepare accordingly. Thanks to my height (5’2″/157cm), I can perform in low-ceiling spaces with no adjustments necessary. 

Yes, my shows are 100% family-friendly. I’ve performed for a lot of ‘mixed ages’ audiences and everyone has a good time. It’s great to see your co-workers with their kids on their laps playing along with the rest of the team.

My standard cancellation policy is up to and no less than 72 hours AFTER performance agreement is approved and deposit has been paid. Any cancellation AFTER 72 hours will result in forfeiture of deposit (usually 50% of booking).

Now, THAT is the question I like to hear! I can accept Visa, MC, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Bags of Gold Coins.


Please allow up to 24 hours for a personal reply from Harris.
Thank you!